The confusion around Digital Marketing

DIGITAL MARKETING new startup project market Interactive channels Business innovation Marketing technology concept There is a fear and a confusion around Digital Marketing. With multiple ways of marketing online, businesses (all sizes) are always unsure about what to invest in. Businesses with an inhouse digital marketer (or with a digitally aware CMO or director) are blessed to an extent. However, such businesses typically tend to direct their efforts and investments on the expertise areas of the marketing individual. The choices in online marketing are Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), Social Media Management and Advertising, Email Marketing. Within Social Media Marketing, with several platforms being popular – is it important to be active on all or is it better to focus on a couple? Internet Marketing Confusion Shows Online SEO Strategies And Development As people become overwhelmed with the choices, they delay the marketing decisions, and even though cost of reaching an audience via digital media is multifolds less than the cost to reach the same audience via traditional media – the use of digital marketing for business stays less. My Tip and The Only Tip: Start building your digital presence today – scale doesn’t matter – starting is the key ! Skepticism is good. Think long-term and start investing an amount which is very comfortable for the business. Build it slowly and consistently. It takes time to build a solid foundation. In my next post, I shall share some useful and simple actions you can start immediately.

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