Digital Marketing Requirement Questionnaire

This document contains the Client Questionnaire to facilitate the Digital Marketing Solution for your business/project.

The objective of this document is to get an insight into your requirements and objectives. We will use this information to derive an unfailing strategy to help you gain an edge in your business/project.

Company/Project Name (required)

Client Name (Single Point of Contact) (required)

Phone Number (required)

Your Email (required)

Website (Domain Name) (required)

Website Type

Understanding Requirements

About Company

Company Vision

Client’s Business
(Service/Product Offerings) - Detailed

Current and Targeted Customers
Specify your IDEAL customer profile.
Their Demography, age group,
business, gender, profession, etc.

Other leading
companies/projects in the same domain.

Who could be identified
as the closest peers or competitors?

Tell us more
about your current website and other
online marketing initiatives (if any).

Are you satisfied with your
current website/other online initiatives??

 Yes No
If not, what do you see is missing?

Project Objective and Vision.

Requirements Description (Detailed).


Is Logo available in high resolution format.

 Yes No

Do you need web hosting server space?

 Yes No

Number of pages in the website.

Would you like us to populate all
the content pages?

 Yes No

Language of the website

Do you need copy writing service?

 Yes No

Will it have eCommerce feature.

 Yes No

If yes, what do you want to sell?

How many products would you have?

Other Desired Functional Features.
(eg. Newsletter subscribe, blog, forum,
live chat, user registration/login, etc etc..)

Reference Website(s)
For desired look

For Desired features

Do you need the website to be Responsive
(mobile device–friendly)?

 Yes No

Any Preferred Technical Platform / CMS?

Expected Time Frame

What are your Support, maintenance,
update requirements after website launch?

- Type of support, frequency, anything
specific, etc.

Online Marketing

Rate your preferences (if any)

Organic promotions & Link Building for
Traffic (SEO)

Social Media Management

Search Engine Paid Ads

Social Media Paid Ads

Project Budget
Note: Critical for strategizing
the campaign and submitting a proposal.

Any other information that you feel is

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